CSC-422 Fall 2006 Internal Evaluation

I’ve compiled all the marks for quizzes and assignments for Fall 2006 of CSC-422.

Fall 2006 CSC-422 Internal Evaluation

Kindly mail me if you have a problem with anything. (I’m sure there’ll be many.)


2 thoughts on “CSC-422 Fall 2006 Internal Evaluation

  1. thx sir i’ve mailed today but after tat i saw the blog,sir you compiled the marks in 35 rather u;ve 45 marks hope we ll see the final result.thx alot n HAPPY EID MUBARAK n HAPP NEW YEAR as well In ADVANCE..tatata

  2. respected sir!!!
    i recently visited da blog for da request i made u 4 search strategy tree implementation example n thr i noticed tht u havent marked me 4 da final assignment n 4 da last test……….so i wanna know tht whether u r going 2 add it 2 out final score or not as it is effecting our fianl markssssss…….n unfortunately i in hurry tht day forgot 2 show u SIR AMJAD’S hand written permission slip wid me till date…….i’ll ask amjad sahab 2 call u in da morning 2 do us da favor……plz sir final assessment measns a hell lot of importance 2 meeeeeee……….i’ll talk to u later on n see da final evaluation presented on net n 2 da examination section as wellll…………WAITING 4 UR KIND RESPONCE………SIDRA

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