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Machine Learning Video Lectures

I taught an introductory Machine Learning course to BS students at FAST Peshawar in Fall 2015. The feedback was quite positive so I decided to offer another course to the MS/PhD students in the next semester. The mode of teaching was also a bit different: we tried doing the pen-tablet-augmented-multimedia-slides model. The semester is still in progress but we have the core of the basics done now.

The lectures are in Urdu so might be easier to follow for those who understand the language. I will be uploading the future videos as they come up inshaallah. You can see the first video below and follow the complete collection on Vimeo here:

Machine Learning – Lecture 01-A (Spring 2016) from recluze on Vimeo.


Back to WordPress

Well, that was short-lived. I moved away from WordPress — only to come back after around 6 months and one post. Seems like Octopress is too much of a hassle for someone as unstable as me. Maybe another time when I’m more focused.

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This post will provide a way for students of HCI (Fall 07 – FAST-NU) to keep track of their results throughout the semester. Quiz/assignment scores and exam grades will be available through the spreadsheet embedded below. It will be your responsibility to bookmark these pages and visit the pages after exams to see your official score. If you have any problems/concerns, let me know through email. Commenting on this post is enabled but should only be used in case you have suggestions for improvement of this system. Do not post anything about your scores. I will not answer any such queries here.


Moving again

I remember posting on my blogger account that I was moving to It’s that time again. I’ve moved all the contents of this blog to my new home:

I’ll be cross-posting material on both sites for some time but after a little while I’ll simply move away from this site to my own hosted site. So, if you are reading this in feeds or check up on the site regularly, you should bookmark the new address.


Android Project Approved

Our second research and development project has been approved by the National ICTR&D Fund, Pakistan. ICTR&D is a highly reputable funding agency and funds only state-of-the-art projects in the field of information and communication technologies. We at SERG have become the first group in NWFP to have two projects approved by ICTR&D. This one brings 14.7 million to SERG. (Not that we can use it willy-nilly but still.)

This project is about Android security. We’ll be making the details of the project available soon using our group’s homepage but I can announce right now that we will be needing highly skilled, motivated and energetic individuals to work with us on this very interesting and challenging new technology. If you’ve been looking at the web, you’d know how much popularity Android is getting. I can also assure any potential candidates that the pay is very handsome.

So, keep reading this space to see when we announce the interviews, show up for the interview and join our team of dedicated, hard-working (and funny) individuals.