Common Sense and Folksonomy Book

My masters thesis has been published by VDM in the form of a book. It’s my first published book and it’s an achievement for me. See it here on Amazon.


Robot Car Race

If you’re wondering what AI people are doing nowadays — and you might be doing just that if you’re trying to finish the final assignment I set for my AI course — you might find this link useful. Stanford guys seem to be doing really good on the DARPA race challenge. There’s also an interview with the designer by Robert Scoble.

DARPA Challenge invites Stanford Racing team to build a robotic car

McCarthy on Intelligent Design

I recently came across an article by a famous computer scientist John McCarthy titled, “Scientific Forms of the Religious Hypothesis”. It is an informal discussion of the possibility that the world we live in is programmed by an intelligent being.

It’s nice to see that even mathematicians – the most likely people to become atheists – are beginning to openly accept the possibility that this world is created by a higher being.

As an aside, McCarthy refutes arguments usually given in favour of the existence of God. I was surprised to see that his comments in this regard were far from extraordinary, considering that they were coming from a mathematician.Read More »

A Simple PathSearching Agent

I’ve recently started working on Intelligent Agents. I chose to work with Java because I’m more confortable with object oriented approaches and there’s more AI literature based on Java than any other language.

As a beginning, I chose an exercise in AIMA and implemented it in Java. The framework of the Agent and its Environment is based on Ravi Mohan’s code. (I did have to make a few minor changes to make it work for me.)

The agent works in a dynamic environment and is not given full information regarding the environment. It has to keep track of known hurdles and update them based on the percepts passed to it as it moves around. It uses A* search strategy for calculating the path.

The architecture is capable of accomodating more than one agent but as of now, the environment has only one agent.

Download the JAR from here and the full source code from here. You need JDK/JRE 5.0+ to use both of these.